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Subject: Re: PSE 4 Camera Raw Camera Kodak P850

There is an issue the Photoshop Elements 4 keeping a cache of which fix extensions each plug-in supports. When we updated Camera Raw to support new raw files extensions, this cache sometimes does not get updated and Photoshop Elements 4 does not process the raw files with the new extensions correctly.

Adobe is working on a technote with more detailed instruction. In the meantime, here is are some brief instructions from a Photoshop Elements engineer on how to reset the "supported extensions" cache in PSE4:

You need to remove the Default Plugin Cache.psp file from the Required folder, make sure you have the most up to date plugins, along with your "updated" plugin, clear your
prefs, and launch the app. After you quit, a Plugin Cache will be written in %userprofile%Application DataAdobePhotoshop Elements4.0EditorPluginCache.psp

Copy that file into your Required folder and rename it "Default Plugin Cache.psp"

The next time you purge your prefs you should see your updates.


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