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Subject: Re: Opening NEF in ACR

No, that is not necessarily the case. When you open a raw image in Camera Raw and make changes to it, those changes are saved either in a central database or in a sidecar (XMP) file whenever you press Save, Open, or Done. Which one of those options is working for you depends on how you have configured everything. The original raw image is still intact as it was downloaded from the camera. Whenever you save from Camera Raw you are merely saving another file that will contain any changes that you have made. If you just click on the Open button and bring the image into Photoshop, you would probably think you are editing the raw image because that is what is indicated in the title bar of the image. But in fact that is only telling you where the image came from. As soon as you have opened that image in Photoshop the changes have been saved as I explained earlier, and you are now (in Photoshop) just editing pixels that have been loaded into computer memory.

This description is true if you are working on the original raw image from the camera. My understanding is that the changes are actually saved to the image file if you are using DNG files.


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