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Subject: Re: Olympus ORF Files loose color when saved as JPG


JPEG is a lossy format, regardless of where you start.

However, the shift in color when saving for web stems from your converting your raw files in ACR to a profile other than sRGB.

Before you save a JPEG through Save for Web, you MUST convert the file's profile to sRGB. You must do this for EACH and EVERY file you Save for Web.

Alternatively, you could specify sRGB as the color profile into which your raw files will be converted by ACR to begin with.


Stay away from the JPEG file format until you are ready to put your image up on the web or to upload to an FTP site for a lab the requires you to send them JPEG files.

In the latter case, I would look for a different lab, one that can handle TIFF image files or even PSD files.

A JPEG will deteriorate the image quality from the very first time you save it as a JPEG, and it will keep deteriorating every single time you re-save the image as a JPEG for any reason whatsoever, no exceptions, even when you make no changes to the pixels in the image.


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