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Subject: Re: OSX + Camera Raw 3.3 - No Sharpening visible at less than 100%

george61c ...

Judging critical sharpness at 100% makes no real sense as it is not even
close to what you will be printing

i'm not sure you should be using ACR for critical sharpness--as it's an attribute that's adjustable all the way to output. ACR offers global controls for sharpening, but imo that's not what one should be judging their images on. imo one should be looking at the raw image, and if there's acceptable motion blur or not. everything else is dressing, and if you're a skilled PS operator you don't need an auto-pilot to tell you what your clients will see. it's easy to build one button macros in PS that will sharpen for target output.

don't get me wrong. i'd love PS to offer localized, non-destructive sharpening, but that's a few iterations away and perhaps better suited for the Lightroom branch of the ACR engine.

This means that ACR is a dead duck for me ...

dead or alive don't leave much room for permutations. i understand that altering workflows can be both annoying and inconvenient. however personally, i'd prefer this "duck" to focus on speed rather than cutsey sharpening procedures that can be optimally applied elsewhere. if you really need ACR to tell you if your photos are sharp or soft, then i suspect you're relying too much on bulk sharpening tools and too little on your own experience.


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