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Subject: Re: OSX + Camera Raw 3.3 - No Sharpening visible at less than 100%

I am primarily a sports photographer..this means that I can return from a shoot with over 300 images. I use bridge and cr to do an initial pass of ranking and basic adjustment. So yes its a major deal breaker to have to view all 300+ images at 100% in order to judge sharpness and contrast correctly. (Without some level of sharpness applied to the preview it can be difficult to visualy judge contrast). Speed is extremely important as I need to get these images on to the web for clients to view - with sharpness applied to the previews at lower than 100% I can get an accurate assessment of how the image will look to my clients.

Judging critical sharpness at 100% makes no real sense as it is not even close to what you will be printing at or at what the clients will be viewing at.

Finally, I have found that landscape photographs now just look out of focus in bridge and ACR unless viewed at 100% - even though they print out fine and look the way I would expect them to in PSCS2 and Lightroom. Again this means to do initial ranking and rating of a shoot I now have to view every image at 100%.

This means that ACR is a dead duck for me which is unfortunate as I have found it to be the best up until now.


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