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Subject: Re: Nikon NEF to DNG not working

Thank you, Mr. Pearson.

If someone posted that DNG would NOT work with ACR 2.4, or in combination with CS or some other mismatch, I would say, OK, I got confused thinking they would all play nicely together. But since you can do it using Windows 2000 with CS, DNG 3.3, and ACR 2.4, then it should be reasonable for me to expect repeatability on my machine using the same OS, CS, DNG, and ACR..

I have used CS and ACR 2.4 for Olympus .ORF files without a flaw. The only thing new was for me to try converting .NEF from a Nikon D50 to .DNG before opening them in ACR.

Perhaps when I downloaded DNG there was a slight glitch. I'm going to try to delete the DNG file and re-download it and try it again tonight when I get in from work.

Thanks again. At least I know it SHOULD work, and am not wondering if there's a program conflict.



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