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Subject: Re: NEF to RAW in photshop CS2


Photoshop will never turn your fingers yellow. ;- ) AND, you can do all the "darkroom" work sitting down.

Anyway, you want to make sure that you've either moved, deleted, or renamed (changed the file extension, specifically) of "Nikon NEF Plugin.8bi"

Mine are in C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS2Plug-InsAdobe Photoshop OnlyFile Formats, but there are a couple folders into which it may be installed. Any time you reinstall or update any Nikon software you have to do this again, because Nikon installs the plugins without telling you what it's doing.

To see if you've got it right, either drop-and-drag a NEF into your open Photoshop program window, do File > Open from within Photoshop, or right click on a NEF and select Open With > Photoshop. You should see a large screen with lots of adjustment tools/tabs and a histogram on the right side, file info on the bottom, and a few tool icons on top of the image display. If the Nikon plugin is still present, you may get a warning message about it, and the screen will be much smaller with only a couple tools.

If you have a Macbeth Color Checker kicking around, you can use it to calibrate ACR to your camera -- the how-to details are online over in the Adobe Camera Raw forum, which is parallel to, but separate from, this one.

Also, when you have time or are a little bored, surf fredmiranda.com. He builds photoshop add-ins and comes at it from a film-user's perspective.



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