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Subject: Re: NEF to RAW in photshop CS2


A couple questions/points:

Because you're using a Nikon... when you say you're opening the NEF, are you opening and adjusting it in a Nikon program and then selecting "Open in Photoshop?" If so, this may be part of the problem because it's kind of a convoluted workflow. You can make it work, but it's not the easiest way to go.

Or are you selecting it in Adobe Bridge, making the adjustments in Adobe Camera Raw and then opening it in Photoshop? (This is where Pierre's question about the Nikon plug-in applies -- if you haven't read the FAQ on how to disable this Nikon plug-in and use the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in instead, this is the time.)

In any case, each of these methods of making adjustments to and opening the NEF file records the adjustments you make in a different way. Including any notes you made to metadata.

To preserve your admustments and other work, save the file at this point in Photoshop's .PSD format (or .TIF if you prefer) to preserve your work. (As Pierre pointed out, .RAW ain't camera raw, so don't use that.) THEN, save your .jpg (probably using the save for web tool).

Hope that helps,


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