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Subject: Re: Moving RAW files to another computer, with RAW editing intact?

Thanks for the reply.
But, please read this carefully, I repeat from my original post: do I have to open every RAW file after setting the "Save xmp" in RAW Preferences to get these files moved with the RAW edit info?
This is the problem... I couldn't find any good documentation that explained this.
All the info is in the RAW database, I didn't know that you needed to have the "Save xmp files" selected so I have edited all these images on my laptop and when I copy them to my desktop machine I am loosing all my work.
Is there any way to move these without opening every one on the laptop now that the "Save xmp" setting set?
I can't believe that Adobe doesn't have a system to move these files with the RAW data intact, or better instructions, or manuals available to explain this!? I have spent days on the adobe website searching, on forums, Google, Yahoo and there is nothing on any way to export/extract the xmp files unless you open every one of them to produce the xmp files.


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