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Subject: Re: Lightroom please?

Jeff, I raised this point in a Lightroom forum , but my post is gradually disappearing into history with only one (agreeing) reply:

There is, of course, no agreement across the computing community what "export" means. Some use to for "create a new copy". Some add "remove from our own database". Is it talking about the DNG file itself? Metadata to be applied to the file? Something else? (Just look at what Photoshop's "File > Export" provides!)

Some use the word "synchronise" to bring two possibly divergent objects into agreement. What I want, either automatically, or at worst with a simple "synchronise" request, is to have all my DNGs made to contain the superset of all relevant metadata resulting from everything I've done. Rights management. Asset management. (Both of those IPTC-like). Raw conversion edits and settings. Even "opinions", in the form of ratings, etc.

I want to be able to backup/archive my DNGs to CD/DVD without disturbing the Lightroom database. Or pass them to another person, or a printing service, (when printing services for DNG appear, which they obviously will). Archival formats can't rely on a separate database; they need to be self-contained.

This is what I am trying to understand. And, if necessary, influence.


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