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Subject: Re: Lightroom please?

Thanks to Jeff and Ian and lots of others for the extensive material about Lightroom.

Pity I use Windows, not Mac! (I'm not a professional, but I still expect to be able to shoot 100s of raws and stay in control, using a Bruce Fraser style workflow. It will be interesting to see how well it translates to Lightroom. It helps that it appears to have started down the DAM track - I was expecting to need a package to locate images not immediately online with a couple of years, and perhaps this will it).

I saw some of the things that I want, and some things which I didn't know I wanted but now do (!), but didn't see anything like the spot or patch of Aperture which I requested for ACR elsewhere. (But it did mention print, which I also requested). I realise that there are other forums for requesting and discussing those, (and someone there appears to have asked for a sensor dust tool), so I'll look in there rather than pursue it here.


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