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Subject: Re: Lightroom please?

> Heil, Herr besoffener Kurvenmeister!

Ooooooo! Cue the scary music! A shiver passes through the collective body of the ForumFolk (VorumVolk?), as the above "amusing" one-liner begins conjuring up a terrifying image of Der Kurvenmeister, his Kurves Uber Alles standard held high, marching slowly past phalanxes of expressionless Former Teachers Embarking On New Adventures. They're standing at rigid attention and holding their identical Wacom tablets aloft in salute as they await his upcoming orders. O, the sound of jackboot-heels hitting the pavement! (Hmm. That's really bad for the spine.) O, the sound of the non-neutral and out-of-gamut colors snapping precisely into neutrality and gamutlekeit! O, the sound of coconuts being tossed hurriedly into dumpsters everywhere!

Like, damn! What's to become of us?


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