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Subject: Re: Lightroom please?

Mike .. OT ...

In light of your stature here, and elsewhere, could you be a little less
of a bully?

caveat: my response is not intended to defend any one person's actions or agenda. everyone is free to do that for themselves. i will however remind you of what should already be obvious: Jeff is who he is, as Ramón, yourself, and myself. one can either accept that, leave, or stay to try and change it. it's become obvious to me that you are attempting the latter.

if this were a heavily moderated forum, hostile posts, or posts which goad users into explaining the differerence between JPG and TIF would be instantly set to expire--or directed elsewhere. as it stands, all visitors have been given the right to promote their agendas-- be it you, Robert, Ramon, Jeff, Spunky Munky or myself. the right to speak freely, to set a tone, to set an agenda has been sheltered in this niche. that in itself is a privilege i feel should be encouraged and applauded.

personally, I've come to like the collective tone of expression in this forum. indeed, much more so than any of the other Adobe forums--which is why you rarely see me spending my time there. i feel it's a healthy compromise between forums that are heavily sanitized (e.g. photo.net) or totally unregulated (e.g DPreview). i guess that puts this neighbourhood somewhere smack damn in the holy middle between heaven and hell -- where, may i add, you'll usually find most people of stature, or none.

if your question was simply rhetorical, then you've goaded me into replying and i apologize for wasting your time. if however, you're truly trying to make sense of the resources being offered here rather than judging the way they come across ... this is as much a welcome wagon as you're likely to get to the neighbourhood.

bon chance ... :-)


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