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Subject: Re: Lightroom please?

Robert, this is pure speculation, so your beliefs are valid and probably correct! (Although I don't see why you assumed that the rumour involved recreating ACR, rather than repackaging it).

But one interesting rumour is actually the other way round. That Apple Aperture was launched as a pre-emptive strike against Adobe's next move, which was code-named "Shadowland", and became "LightRoom". ("Getting their retaliation in first"):

This is aided by another rumour that Adobe trade-marked "LightRoom" in May 2004. That rumour uses evidence purporting to be from the US Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Application and Registration Retrieval system:

The rumour I REALLY like is that Google paid a US lobbyist to persuade Congress to allow Google to buy ICANN, and so, in a real sense, they now own the Internet. (The reason I like that rumour is that I made it up a minute ago. Do you think it could have legs?)

Aren't conspiracy theories wonderful?


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Re: Lightroom please?

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