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Subject: Re: Lightroom please?

Personally, I find it hard to believe that Adobe would waste time recreating
basically ACR with a new interface

eye don't know yet what Adobe has in mind ..or do I ? ;-) ... but reinventing it involves a much broader vision than the narrow purpose raw converters currently perform. i've been advocating a breakout for quite some time-- mainly because I feel the current architecture is too restrained if it has to evolve along with the rest of the CS fleet. ACR could achieve much more if it's allowed to grow it's own legs, become it's own hub, and nest with:

1) DAM digital asset management tools
2) XML edit/search functions
3) Third party plug-ins
4) It's own non-destructive editing tools.
5) DNG support strategies

these desires are driven by the photographic and publishing industries-- not necessarily by individual photographers who might not see the gale that's off their own radar screens. however, should you be in the commercial end of photography, i would think any such move would be a welcome development.


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