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Subject: Re: How to fix exposure in camera raw across multiple photos

the correct way to do this is to spec the requirements:

1. the exposure must be the same for each shot in the pano.

however, as nick correctly pointed out, in situations where there is a wide difference in exposure this could be problematic. lights are one way to tackle this. perhaps another way--caveat: I haven't tried this yet-- might be to bracket six stops for each section of the pano and use the HDR function in PS afterward to combine them.

2. for each exposure bracket ---stitch a pano set together
3. blend the six pano's together.

If you're doing high volume pano work, there's much more powerful pano software out there. What's important is that you stitch each bracketed set together the same way and save as 16 bit. You'll need to throw a lot of resources at this to set it up to run efficiently. However once you do it should be pretty routine.

If you're simply doing a few one-offs, it might be more effective to :
a) bite the bullet and spend some overtime in PS
b) spec the job correctly to the photographer or
c) live with the imperfections.

Good luck.


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