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Subject: Re: How to fix exposure in camera raw across multiple photos

Kimberly, shooting interior panos can be very frustrating because of what you describe - bright windows and dark interiors just don't go well together. There's often a difference of 4-6 stops between the darkest and brightest areas. If you expose for the windows, the shadow interiors go black; if you expose for the shadow areas, the windows get blown out. I agree with Mathias; the photographer needs to add light (and a lot of it) to the interior shadows if they are to match the brightness of the windows. Anything he/she can do to get those brightness levels closer together will help. Another thing you might try is the Shadow/Highlight command in Photoshop, once you have all the photos assembled, but that's not a part of of Camera Raw.

I often shoot photos for virtual tours used for real estate web sites, using a lens that captures 360 degrees (horizontally) in one shot. There is no easy way, that I know of, to deal with this.


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