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Subject: Re: How do I access the Camera Raw Window in CS2

Apple hid the preferences for launching an application in their Image Capture application.

So you need to Launch Image capture:

That's right, you have to launch Image Capture and go to its Preferences > Camera > When a camera is connected, open: > Select application from drop down menu.

It's actually much better to Select "No application" from said drop down menu.

Then you can just drag-copy your files from the card to your local drive in the Finder. Use a card reader rather than your camera.

This excerpt is from a long-gone post by author Bruce Fraser:

Bruce Fraser - 4:17pm Jun 14, 04 PST (#5 of 21)

Opening files directly from the camera is a bad idea for a variety of
reasons*, and it most certainly isn't faster than using a FireWire or
USB2 card reader.

Drains the camera battery
Runs the risk of the software you're using to open the images
writing to the card and destroying the format
Runs a small but significant risk of USB power frying the camera
Slowest method known to mankind of getting images off a CF or
SD card


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