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Subject: Re: Hasselblad Lens Info Support in ACR?

The Hasselblad H2D and associated backs now use the DNG format for their RAW files.

Hasselblad also has a proprietary feature where the FlexColor software can correct for the specific chromatic abberation, vignetting, etc. for each lens in the H-line.

I don't know specifically how this is implemented. But I presume the way this works is that the RAW/DNG file contains information about which lens was used to make the image, and the corrective algorithms for each supported lens are contained in the FlexColor software.

That is certainly a nice feature, but I'd prefer to just go directly to ACR and bypass the extra Hasselblad software. After all, ACR has lens tweaking features, too. It would be really cool if ACR had access to the Hasselblad info so that the ACR lens tools are used in an automated and optimal way.

Is ACR aware of this particular Hasselblad info and does it use the lens info to make the corrections like the Hasselblad software does?

If not, then is there any technical reason why Adobe couldn't sign a non-disclosure and add that functionality?

(It sure would be a positive statement about the use of DNG for cross-platform integration.)


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