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Subject: Re: Fuji S3 Pro Wide-2 D-Range files

The POP-UP sizes you refer to are "file conversion options". 17mp and 25mp are conversion options in this pop-up also, and obviously are not original RAW data sizes, but as you stated, the default file size (ie. no '+' or '-' symbol in the pop-up) as seen by ACR and Bridge is 3043 X 2036 (6.3 MP) file. Hmmm, so I will just assume at this point Fuji sold me a 6mp camera for $2000 and called it a 12mp and only reports the it as a bigger file (4256 X 2848 - 12 MP)with their RAW conversion software. That is very disappointing... However, I will convert the files up, hopefully I can clean anything up with ACR and Photoshop, which are greatest of products.


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