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Subject: Re: Fluorescent lighting calibration

I've calibrated my D1x using For's script for an electronic flash with ~ 5000 K temperature, but don't own the fluorescent light mentioned above. I'm doing more video work these days, and plan to use a Plume Wafer softbox with reflector for some of the shots, so I am interested in people's experience with fluorescent lighting. I am considering trying to use the same setup for stills to avoid changing around light sources, but I am not sure about the effects this might have on camera calibration. Theoretically, calibration is just an adjustment of camera sensitivity, but I'm not sure this would be the case with a light source that has some peaks in its wavelength distribution (as most fluorescent lighting has). I have a Gretag McBeth CC card, and if I purchase the Scandles light source, I will try calibrating it with For's script as well as InCamera PS plugin, but I was hoping to get some experience other's have had before putting down $900 for the light.


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