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Subject: Re: Faux RAW Hoorah

Well, that certainly answers whether to convert it up or not, emphasis on the 'not'.

But, I held out hope because I never thought you could enlarge a raster image to any size and not have it pixelate out of recognition - as with Genuine Fractals and the like. So I was hoping there was some breakthrough where you could go from 8 bit to 16 bit and not suffer overmuch.

As an asides:

Frankly I never thought I would get a response from Thomas Knoll. Geez. Thanks so much for Photoshop! It's my all time favorite program and has had the most impact on my doing art.

I went from old D-Paint on the Amiga to PS version 2.something and have been with it ever since.

I can't tell you all the real paint airbrush overspray I didn't have to inhale because of going digital. Before that my lungs were a true 3D color space!


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