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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Just for grins and at personal risk of being bashed again, Iíll throw two cents into the pot.

Things like matrix metering are wonderful technology. They cannot evaluate user intent, but they can make intelligent decisions based on predefined metrics. Like the estimated dynamic range of the scene. This is AI based on the Ansel Adams Zone system. But Mr. Adams expected the user to evaluate what is important in the scene. AI hasnít quite gotten there yet. The machine cannot communicate with the man until the man learns to communicate with the man (Jim Martin 1976).

Back to basics, Iím glad to see that Bruce Fraser has finally conceded that the proper exposure isnít ALWAYS based on highlights only. At least thatís what I think he said. One small step for mankind. I havenít seen Jeff chime in for a while.

God, evolution, or whatever your belief system is has spent millions of years calibrating our vision to middle daylight and middle nighttime tones with two separate sensor technologies. Neither is very efficient at the extremes. And the crossover zone is a virtual minefield when it comes to color.

What distresses me is seeing statements like digital has obsoleted your hand held meters. Even more distressing is seeing folks reply, thank you, Iíll throw my meter away right now. Digital records positive images. Ones and zeros have nothing to do with it. The metering paradigm is the same as film slides (positive) not film negatives. It is that simple.

Adobe PS is a piece of software folks. It is not infallible. You should consider calibrating Adobe to your camera, not calibrating your camera to Adobe.

A pre-emptive strike. I am not stupid. I am not inept. My equipment is not all defective.

I am looking at my Kodak gray card. It says the gray side is 18% reflectance and the white side is 90% reflectance CLEARLY in the specs. This might be another piece of defective equipment and false advertising according to someoneís cousin Vinny who used to work at Kodak. It correlates with the Macbeth specs, but they are possibly also wrong?

Eventually, common sense will prevail.

BTW, NC4 shows the focus zone already. The matrix metering zones are a valid wish. I would prefer to see the focus distance enumerated since it is already collected in the firmware with the proper lens attached.


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