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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement


Seriously, it's great to see some healthy vendor competition. Otherwise
they start dragging their you-know-what ...

I couldn’t agree more!


Yeah. Andrew, you made me want D2X badly.

There is much more (hidden in the camera’s OS menus) that makes it pleasure to work with but… I can’t tell anymore or… I’ll be accused of being Allen’s associate plugging Nikon here. ;)

Are Nikon, and manufacturers in general, just being faithful to the 12%
calibration and ignoring the highlight information from their modern matrix
meter? Or are manufacturers too conservative to avoid highlight clipping
that they leave too much head room?

I can’t speak for “manufacturers in general” or Nikon for that matter but… based on my experience with D1, D1x, D2x:

1. I don’t think in-camera meters are calibrated for film.
2. They are calibrated for particular sensor/processing (Nikon assumes Nikon Capture (RAW) or correct camera settings for JPEG/TIFF.
3. There’s no way in hell they can predict which highlights you deem important in every scene you photograph.
4. Their algorithms (Matrix) are getting better with each camera release but… read #3
5. They seem to be hell bent to save every bit of highlight (important or not)… well so is ACR at default settings

Bottom line you have to make the decisions with the tools provided. That includes camera meter, processing software, incident meter, LCD, what have you… experience.

All I ask from the camera meter is to be consistent.


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