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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Thanks Bill and Bruce for the clarification.

Btw, As far as my experience (with Nikon) goes, I think camera manufacturers have been calibrating their modern matrix/pattern/evaluate meter of film-based cameras for slide films. i.e. baising toward exposing for highlight. I remember I needed to systematically dial in as much as +1ev compensation (via ISO setting, like DJ said) to get decent prints from negatives.

Manufacturers' R&D should've been well aware that digital sensors behave closer to slides than negatives years before layman like me. I can't see why DSLRs are not already exposing for highlight. But yet, my Nikon D70 biases towards underexposure. Are Nikon, and manufacturers in general, just being faithful to the 12% calibration and ignoring the highlight information from their modern matrix meter? Or are manufacturers too conservative to avoid highlight clipping that they leave too much head room?

(Sorry, I'm grumbling...)


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