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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Bill ..

I can recall seeing Edwin Westin, who was not particularly of scientific
persuasion, using his meter in rather unorthodox ways. He would point
it in several directions, take a reading from each and fiddle with the
dial with a thoughtful expression. "It says one-quarter second at f/32,
I'll give one second"

artists like to break the rules. it reminds me of a certain graphic designer i used to know ... :-)

as to Ansel's books ... once upon a time i owned a small bookstore-cafe and managed to squirrel away many --if not most-- of his publications. unfortunately they're locked up in storage in another country, along with a collection of writings and photographs by Alfred Stieglitz and Freeman Patterson--both deeply philisophical photographers who managed to break the rules of their time. i hope one day to retrieve and revisit the timeless knowledge recorded on those pages.

thanks for sharing your memories.


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