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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Bruce Fraser said:

"...Where we came in was how to determine when we're running into irrecoverable highlight clipping. Trying to estimate where 255 lands by metering on 47 is a very uncertain excercise...."

I agree with everything Bruce said (afterall, he is a recoginized authority), but the crux of the problem, which he does not resolve, is placing the highlight tones without clipping. By his own admission, the tools to do this reliably are not currently available.

You can use the camera luminance histogram of the jpeg rendered image preview, but this may be misleading as previously pointed out. However, it will get you into the ball park.

Another method is to use the concepts of the zone system and take a reading of the cat. From your previous tests, you can use that reading to place the black of the cat where ever you want. However, you can't be sure where the highlights will fall. You do not have to take a reading from Zone V--this is merely related to the meter calibration (many meters are calibrated for 12%, not the 18% used by Ansel Adams)

The exposure adjustment in ACR has its limits as shown by Rags' experiments but perhaps these can be overcome with the brightness control. But does anyone deny that proper exposure is advisable?

Any advice on placing those tones, Bruce?


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