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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Dr. Janes says: "Now that the pixel mafia is back from their meeting, I hope they will add their insight and expertise to the discussion."

Well pardon me all to heck, I thought that was an invitation to discuss your original post. Silly me. . .

Dr. Janes says: "The brightest reproducible tone occurs at a 12 bit data value of 3900, which corresponds to 243, 31266, and 62533 respectively in 8 bit, Adobe 15+1, and 16 bit encoding."

For _YOUR_ camera, which has been pointed out to compress the lightest portions of the capture by way of lossey compression, therefore your test is less than a useful test due to the compression-which I understand can not be turned off in the D70. So, while useful for the D70, what you tested does not have broad application to other cameras whose compression scheme is lossless.

Dr. Janes says: "You make all these assertions with no experimental data to back up anything you say. Is this scientific?"

Ok, so at what point do I go back and start proving things to your satisfaction? Do I need to prove to you that sensors are linear capture devices? Do I need to prove the method of how light meters behave? Do I need to prove that an 18% grey card has a 50% reflectance? Do I need to cite Ansel Adams to prove he was exposing for the shadows and developing for the highlights? Do I need to prove that a sensor, past flood clips? Jeeeze bud, this really ain't rocket science.

And yes, my degrees are pre-digital. But my first photographic assignment that was assembled digitally was in 1984. I started working in Photoshop in version 2.0 in 1992 and I've been doing digital capture in one form or another since 1995/6. Whooptie-friggin-do.

Dr. Janes says: "Since you have such a narrow view, offer no data of your own, and do not respond to scientific reasoning, and are nasty, I do not intend to respond to your sarcastic comments."

Nasty? Me? Surely you jest my good doctor. It was you who got personal bud. Look back at my posts. . .point me to one "nasty" phrase directed at YOU and I'll fall on my sword. Othwise I just see this as a fun debate that seems to have gotten out of your direct grasp-deal with it. . .



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