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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement


You make all these assertions with no experimental data to back up anything you say. Is this scientific? It's nice to know about your photographic degree and training, but wasn't this before the advent of digital?

With regard to the lossy compression of the D70, unnecessary tones are discarded but their overall magnitude is not changed. I do not have a D2X for testing and apparently you don't either. Therefore, hold your conclusion that my test is worthless. The D70 does record tones at a normalized exposure of 0.95 (data number 3900 in 12 bit, out of 4095) and does cover almost all the 12 bit range; 10, 11 or 12 bits, the concept is still the same.

Adams exposed for the shadows and developed for the highlights since he mainly used negative material. However, he also did color with chromes and exposed for the highlights. You can meter from Zone IX or V and place the tones properly; the difference is a fixed number of stops since we are dealing with a log scale and the effect is the same, notwithstanding Bruce's comments.

I don't flaunt titles, but it is Dr. Janes (pathology), but you can just call me Bill. No, I haven't taken pictures of a black cat, but I too have have 30 years of photographic experience with medical specimens, photomicroscopy, and electron microscopy.

Since you have such a narrow view, offer no data of your own, and do not respond to scientific reasoning, and are nasty, I do not intend to respond to your sarcastic comments.


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