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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

actually ...

eye have to say i welcome the intellectual peer review (Bruce), the diverging perspectives (Rags), and everyone else who has contributed to date (moderators and antagonists alike).

!! :-)

eye couldn't hope to gain such specialized, nor timely, debate from any one other source.

if i may add my own perspective, this reminds me much of my university days. perhaps there are really two mechanisms of thought going on here. one is focusing on optimizing the benefits of existing technology, and the other on the potential of evolving technology .. or the classic engineer vs. artist perspective.

entropy and enthalpy are forces which balance each other and it's everyone's responsibilty to ensure that neither become so dominant that they spawn chaos or narrow thinking. that, imo, is perhaps the most important part of the human condition.

lastly, the only thing that should make anyone shoot coffee down their nose is the morning's headlines. :-)


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