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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

LOL! What he said.

Seriously, this is all getting a little too doctrinaire and, if you don't mind my saying, pedantic. I for one welcome a little rocking of the boat.

I happen to concur with the conventional wisdom that the top 50% of the brightness range of a digital image is devoted to the brightest f-stop of the image. So what? It doesn't we need to suddenly concern ourselves with the highlights, any more than we did in the old "non linear days".

The highlights are not suddenly important to our images because linear encoding devotes more bits to them. This is a bit like the old joke of looking in the wrong place because the light is better.

The image is the thing. If the image is low key, as with the aforementioned black cat, then it's the photographer's duty to walk away from all those data bits.

The same logic applies if the image is high key, and most of the interest and texture is in the top three or four stops, there is still no reason, necessarily, to overly concern ourselves with the brightest 50% of the pixels.

And yes, as a matter of fact, the most interesting pixels, by and large, are right about where they always were - centered on zone V.

These conversations will be more interesting if diverging points of view are not simply tolerated, but engaged on their own merits. So I say go for it Rags!

Mike Russell


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