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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Et All,

A digital sensor is simply a photon counter as explained. And raw values represent linear voltages as explained. And perception is not linear as explained. However image tones and binary encoding have nothing at all to do with each other. This is being denied by many ďrespectedĒ photographers and unfortunately blindly accepted by too many others.

But digital sensors are subject to the same reciprocity (and other) laws of physics as film. This has been debated before, but in the end, these laws apply to anything related to frequencies and wavelengths, including audio. Thus, they can certainly exhibit a characteristic tone curve as in film. It has been proven in the Nikonians forums with images analyzed from users. Nikon has never talked to me, but they offered the same advice to the same users. To this, we add the optical CFA, color filters. Hence my belief is that we should be paying attention to spectral data as provided historically with film. Adobe is free to ignore this, but that does not make me ignorant.

Do not for even a second confuse this with electronic (digital) noise. Both are real, but very different issues. In fact, it is even possible to experience optical noise. We call the most common form of this lens flare.

Then, when it comes to lossless or lossy compression, LUTs (look up tables), tone curves (custom or otherwise), various perceptual color spaces, automatic white balance (the non-scientific kind) and such, these are all fair game for friendly debate. I include in this various techniques for sensor interpolation and demosaicing. These are emerging and competitive technologies. We can judge the merits on the results.

Some folks want reproductive accuracy. Some simply want visually pleasant results. Some want artistic effects. Thatís the human condition.

We always wanted to have a private home development lab. Now, we are one. Donít expect Adobe or any one else to be a panacea for your every whim. Make the best of the available technology. Focus on photography and having fun. Throughout the history of mankind, perfection has been a goal. Never a lasting accomplishment.

I love my Adobe products. I hate the defects. But, most of all I resent the way Adobe treats me, a customer.

If you really think that your camera exposure metering is off, you should spend some time attempting ACR calibration. If you think Adobe and Nikon are talking, think again. If I think I should have responded, I donít.

Cheers, Rags :-)
Exposure is still based on Zone V.


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