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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement


I usually try to stay out of this forum. I consider it a form of self-flagellation.

Thank you for the offline comments about my “light measurements” article. I have word smithed one paragraph and the summary table. I hope you find it clearer.

As to clipping, remember that your camera is showing the histogram and clipped highlights in a rendered color space, even if you shoot raw. These indicators are useful as a rough guide. But only that. If you shoot JPG or TIFF, what the camera says is clipped really is. There is always an exception. In this case, it is Kodak JPG ERI. But since Kodak has left the theater, that seems a moot point. Clipping is also highly affected by the dynamic range of the scene itself. That is, how black is the darkest black and how white is the brightest white.

I use ACR 95% of the time, and I love it. I especially love all of the new features in CS2. I do wish that I didn’t have to spend so much time calibrating my cameras to ACR. I do pay close attention to the histogram and clipping illustrated in ACR. This is real simply because it represents the cooked image I am trying to achieve. With proper calibration, I seldom have to adjust the basic images. A clear exception is when I am shooting soccer at night. I don’t think I could ever try that with film. Constantly changing lighting and fast paced unpredictable action.

There are a very few times that I have reverted to the Kodak or Nikon software for a particular image.

I cannot comment on Nikon’s “private?”, "visually lossless" compression at all. I have been shooting my Nikon D1X in compressed raw for three years. For raw I would clearly prefer a completely lossless compression.

My humble opinion is that the “expose to the right” mania has caused more damage than good. It is based on a fundamental misconception of computer architectures. And, it ignores some physical properties of light and electronics. Worst of all, it has caused some to completely disregard basic photographic techniques and fundamentals. Then, the failures are blamed on technology gremlins.


Thank you for the kind comments. I’m reaching for my “horrible flagellum” right now.

Cheers, Rags :-)
So long, and thanks for all the fish!
Exposure is based on Zone V.


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