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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement


After a brief search I was not able to find the thread to which you referred, but did find a lot of interesting stuff and this reference which gives me most of what I need to know:

My approach to exposure is similar to yours--expose to the right but try to avoid clipping of highlights. Since the NEF compression throws away quite a bit of highlight data, I presume highlight recovery would be less effective than with an uncompressed NEF. Nonetheless, I think most would agree that proper exposure is still key, just as with Kodachrome. Jeff wants to retain as much highlight data as possible, but he doesn't really tell us how he avoids burning out the highlights and has not demonstrated how he uses all that highlight detail to such advantage. I guess he brackets important exposures, just like us mortals.

I too am a serious amateur who would like to have a more capable camera but I'm not certain that uncompressed NEFs such as offered by the D2X would help me all that much. Encrypting the white balance is a definite step backwards. Apparently DNG achieves compression equal to the compressed NEFs without any data loss.



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