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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

The practicle effect of the D70 lossy compression is that your test is flawed for cameras whose compression scheme is lossless. Nikon chose to use a lossy compression scheme to save file size and speed writes. For "normal" tone curved images-ei, jpegs from the camera, the effect is indeed "visually lossless" since the tone mapping throws away excess levels in the highlights. But, when shooting raw and wishing to delpoy an advanced tone curve to remap highlight detail, the D70 lossy compression leaves you with considerably less than the full 2048 levels of the brightest stop. That makes hilight tone mapping with the d70's compression less useful.

As for Rags' arguments, well, let's just say they are also a bit south of totally useful since he doesn't seem to understand the nature of linear exposure. I am far more inclined to listen to the like of Thomas Knoll when it comes to the discussion of digital cameras, linear exposure and the effects of tone mapping on digital captures.


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