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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Users of Compressed NEF (i.e. D70) need to be mindful of the mathematically lossfull, visually lossless ;~) algorithm used by Nikon. It dumps a lot of the high order bits.

Compressed NEF for the D70 only uses 683 values of the available 4096. The distribution is as follows:

Range Values Percentage
0-128 129 18.89%
129-256 122 17.86%
257-512 77 11.27%
513-1024 80 11.71%
1025-2048 114 16.69%
2049-4096 161 23.57%

The 0 to 128 range is a 1 to 1 mapping. The 2048-4095 range is a 161 to 2048 mapping. The very top end values are as follows: 4026, 4041, 4055, 4070, 4085, 4095.

Each pixel value is actually an index into the lookup table that is stored in each NEF.

Users of compressed NEF need to recognize that they do not have the same magnitude of data in their raw files that other users have.



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