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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

If exposure to the right is important for normal photography in sunlit scenes, it is even more so in available light photography with tungsten illumination, where there is very little blue light. The blue channel already contains less information, and with underexposure noise in the blue channel will be high and shadow clipping may occur.

Here is an example of an underexposed shot under tungsten illumination where about +1.6 EV compensation was needed in ACR. The picture contains ugly yellow splotches due to blue channel clipping and noise (yellow is the complement of blue):

Yellow splotches from noise and clipping in blue channel

Gamma 1.0 view of image without white balance (raw data):

Histogram of raw data:

One can see that the blue channel is severely underexposed and clipped. The red channel is clipped on the right. It would be nice if cameras would give a histogram showing the raw data and not merely a white balanced view of the jpeg preview in the selected color space after WB and gamma correction. This would facilitate proper exposure.

For best results with tungsten illumination, one should really use an 80a filter, but this is not practical in many cases.


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