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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Bill ...

thanks to some carelessness with our new kitchen cutlery .. my typing fingers have been on a short sabbatical! :-o

ETTR takes advantage of the sensors capabilities to record more data than
either color space will show. -nunatak

Could you please elaborate on this? It sounds interesting. - Bill Janes

eye don't think I offered anything new or profound ... simply my understanding of how this works. ill try to elaborate, but take it with a grain of salt because i'm not an expert on this subject matter.

presuming :

1) the greatest volume of data is stored in the highest (brightest) order of bits
2) the histogram shows a clipped version of the camera's colo(u)r space

ETTR can expose data that may not accurately show in either of the two color spaces (sRGB, aRGB) of the in-camera histogram. these gamuts are just too crunched. even PhotoRGB might clip some of the information from the native camera gamut. other means and methods are needed to extract this information. Unfortunately I'm not qualified to describe what they are--but I assume they exist and are used for highlight recovery.


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