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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

Thanks for the excellent point. I use ProPhoto RGB, and frankly had never
consciously thought about the histogram being in aRGB vs. me processing
in pRGB, although I know from experience I have some slack from what the
camera histogram shows to what I can get in ACR.


What we really need to have some idea of what the sensor is seeing. In my example, I note that in ACR with ProPhotoRGB I used +0.75EV to place the highlight, whereas in aRGB -0.60EV compensation was needed to avoid clipping the red highlight, a big difference.

To see the sensor data, I converted the raw file with DCRaw -n - m - 3 (produces a gamma 1 image whose histogram is hard to read, as Bruce Fraser pointed out in a previous post). However, it shows only minimal clipping in the red channel:

Here is the histogram converted to gamma 1.8 of ProPhotoRGB:

Since ProPhotoRGB is becoming widely used by serious photographers, it seems time for the professional level cameras to include this space in their menus. I think this would address the problem without the complexities of a RAW histogram.


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