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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

"Don't shift to the left, yes shift to the right, but don't blow your
highlight and you'll be alright - that's what it's all about ..."

DJ, that sums up the situation pretty well, but in practice there are some fine points that need to be taken into account. Placing the highlight at the right of the histogram usually requires positive exposure compensation, but when the highlights are unusually bright, it may be necessary to use negative compensation.

An example of highlight clipping and its effects are shown on the Ken Rockwell site. Yes, I know he is often regarded as a buffoon and am not endorsing his methods.

In this example, he arbitrarily suggests using -2EV exposure compensation. If he were following the suggestions of Bruce Fraser and Jeff Schewe, he would take a spot reading of the highlight he wishes to retain and expose accordingly (based on previous tests)--good advice IMHO. The RGB histogram offers some assistance, but but may be misleading, since it is based on the jpeg preview and may not represent the raw data. Of course he should be shooting in raw and using ACR 16 bit mode instead of using in camera jpeg.


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