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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

The theory has already been beat to death. If folk haven't got it yet
then they're either "thick" or have better things to do than gaze at step

I posted again in this thread after reading some additional thoughts concerning ETTR on the Luminous Landscape forum. Of course, if people are bored with the topic, they can simply ignore the thread. However, others who blow their highlights and lose tones could benefit from the discussion.

BTW, step wedges can be quite useful, your sarcasm notwithstanding.

Susan has been out with the camera enjoying herself. Maybe you should
visit her galleries

I did take a look at her galleries. She is a very sensitive and talented photographer. In photography art and science can diverge, however. For example, Ansel Adams reports that Edward Weston could hardly use a light meter, yet he was a great photographer. That is not to imply that Susan and Weston are similar.


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