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Subject: Re: Exposure to the right and tone placement

1.) Raw conversion almost invariably involves more complex mapping than
a simple gamma curve.

Yes, usually an s-curve is applied, which would flatten the highlights further with loss of tones as the numbers representing them become the same. The typical Canon transfer function is shown on Roger Clark's website, previously cited. Also, perceptually, one would see fewer tones. What is your point?

2.) More importantly, those highlight bits don't just get thrown away.
We darken them to make what the camera captured better resemble what our
eyes saw. But if we fail to capture those bits by underexposing, we can't
use them.

If the highlight tones are clipped, they are lost also. However, except for gross underexposure, the effects are noted mainly in the shadows. In most cases the highlights would have plenty of levels.

-->Highlight tones can also be lost by clipping and non-linearity;

We call that overexposure!

That is the whole point of this discussion: proper exposure! Not underexposure, not overexposure.


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