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Subject: Re: Easy Batch Question...

Thanks that helps!

I had a problem batching through image processor--kept getting error message "no such element," I think it was id 1378 or something like that. Batching through bridge>tools>photoshop with the "suppress" box checked worked.

But the next question is, when that batches, what adjustments are made? Any at all? How do I apply at least the automatic adjustments to the shots?

I am basically batching the files to TIFF, then convert to JPGs from there after determining if any cropping, further adjustment (b/w, etc.) is necessary. Does that seem like a reasonable workflow? That way I still have the non-lossy TIFF to go back to and I can control the resolution of the JPGs (72 ppi for web, 300 for printing).

Thanks again. J.


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