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Subject: Re: Does Camera Raw for PS 7.0.1 support my camera?

You're right.
I'm right.
In spite of "economic sense", there remains the reality of putting "economic sense" into action. That last step of "action" is a "real" barrier to completion of ANY good idea.
A problem for all companies is that one really never knows if a plan of action is a good financial plan for one does not have access to the paralel world of other possiblities.
Now Adobe will be my supplier and when finances permit I will upgrade, unless of course another company creates a superior and well supported product.
Unconvincing to you ... obviously, but I venture to guess convincing to many others who do not have access to this forum.
Actually an interesting thing I have found is that ones favorite software is usually the first one owned, mastered and supported.
Howabout the Apple VS PC debate ;-) ?
Meanwhile I will use the nikon raw plugin and Pixmatics RawShooter esentials 2005 with my owned copy of Photoshop 7.01, both free and well supported.
What all photographers really want is for companies to decide on a digital open format. Film is (and regrettablely soon to be "was") that open format.
This discussion has saved me from getting rid of my film equipment. So untill on can no longer get film anyplace on the planet, I will do important photos on film, and use the tool for the job.
Just a thought: ever wonder why alternative photo processes are coming back??


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