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Subject: Re: Does Camera Raw for PS 7.0.1 support my camera?

Please, haven't you ever been short of cash and eventually upgraded??? Remember the days of "evaluation copies". Students, starving artists (and yes the theaves) all "evaluated" software, then when things got better laid out the money.
Again, my example is Pinnacle. I bought the DV500 then the best bang for the buck. A card to capture video with a full version of Premeire 5.0. Eventually I went all the way to 6.5 and still use it on my slower computer.
When I got a faster laptop I got PPro1.5 and use both. However even though the DV500 is no longer supported by Pinnacle they have an archive of ALL the software up to when they dropped Adobe. I have since downloaded all that software and archived on my own filling system so when my system crashes (because I have done something stupid) I can do a rebuild and have a 100% system up and running.
AND lets face it folks, some hardware/software combos just do not work and when you have one that works I am reluctant to upgrade JUST to have the latest. If it works don't fix it.
Yes RAW for me is the best way to go for quality, BUT the real fly in the ointment is my fear that down the road I may not be able to access my own work because of this encryption bit the camera makers do to their files, I mean just who do they think they are anyway by making themselves a co-owner of MY work!!!!!
On really important work I use film and even that is going by the wayside (Kodak is not making B&W paper anymore they are making digital sensors for digital cameras).
So, I am loyal as long as I can maintain controll over my creations.
Now the vast majority of photographers - the non professional - really do not care about ownership and some of the big companies are trying to convince us by saying "oh, its only a snapshot" BOLDERDASH!!!!
Ok, I feel better now I got that out of my system, but you do get the point .... don't you??
Have fun and make pictures.


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