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Subject: Re: Does Camera Raw for PS 7.0.1 support my camera?

Not supporting a format that is still used by many just invites the hackers.
Pinnnacle was a little smarter. They still post all versions to their NLE software but with the warning NO SUPPORT. The way I figure it if one does not have the money but is smart enough to build/configure their own box then AT THE VERY LEAST adobe could do is let the dinasoaurs live by letting us use the older stuff and eventually we will tire of the the workarounds and bite the bullet and upgrade.
JUST mho.
PS I had to use the nikon raw file with my PS 7.0l for none of the current adobe raw plugins work with 7.01 or if it does Please some one informe me.
On my fast laptop I use FREE Esentials 2005 and the nikon plugin to work with my D70 raw files.


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