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Subject: Re: ++ Debugging ACR 3.x Installation Problems ++

It's good to know that a PS ACE is having similar problems, and that it's not Win2k's SP4. I did notice Windows installing a new "malicious software" hotfix just a couple of weeks ago ... and I cannot seem to find threads about this particular problem that are older than a couple weeks(?) I don't believe there's any way to temporarily disable this Windows "feature".

Because my XP laptop is not experiencing this problem, I too am looking at upgrading Win2k to XP ... but only after backing up my data .... sheesh, what a hassle!

I thought I'd also make this thread aware of other things I've tried:

There is a CS2 tech doc about Bridge and a particular error message (a DLL missing), which involved privileges. I followed that procedure to the letter ... no effect.

Because my install was downloaded, I also considered I may not have written it to a CD correctly (altho the write was verified). I tried DL'ing the PSCS2 trial and registering it, but no effect.

cheerios & good luck :)


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