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Subject: Re: ++ Debugging ACR 3.x Installation Problems ++

Mr. Knoll,

I checked the three steps you describe and it appears that ACR 3.1 is in the right place. You suggested to then purge your cache in that folder, but then I would lose all the settings I just spent all that time correcting! Plus, this happens on a regular basis and that is a lot of wasted time spent, if I'm understanding you correctly.

The problem I have repeatedly is trying to run automated functions within Bridge - I either get error messages or it just doesn't do anything (swith over the Photoshop to perform the web gallery or contact sheet command, for example. Sometimes, if I quit and restart CS2 and/or just Bridge, I ican get it to work, but not every time. My workaround solution, and this is again, time wasting, is to create a folder for the selected images and do the batch action through photoshop, not bridge. Any ideas to help with this? This whole transition from CS to CS2 has been very frustrating!

Lynne Siler


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