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Subject: Re: ++ Debugging ACR 3.x Installation Problems ++

The updates are free? Let's be clear. I bought a D2X. I would NOT have paid for the $150 upgrade to CS2 if Mr. Knoll and others from Adobe hadn't gone on record that a version of ACR would be available fairly shortly that could actually read RAW files from my camera. The reasons why CS2 would be released without RAW support for a camera that had been on the market for three months are well-documented. It wasn't a "nice to have." It was a "must have." I'm glad I bought CS2, but workflow would have been much more difficult without ACR 3.1.

As for the tone comments, please keep your acronyms to yourself. Please read message #10 again from Mr. Knoll. "Don't just say..." Excuse me? There are nice ways to write that and rude ways to write that. Whether someone is volunteering their time or whether they even work for Adobe, there's no reason to use that tone. After all, this forum is on the Adobe website. Furthermore, it's not an excuse that "well, it's not really rude because they're a lot ruder over in Forum X."

Congratulations to everyone who read the instructions correctly--I would be curious to know how many of you had installed CS2 on a drive other than C: before upgrading ACR. Obviously, everyone thinks this is so easy. Just read the read-me. Well, I did. Others have. We still made the mistake. (Again, I wasn't the first person to raise the question in this thread. And there are other threads on the same subject.)

Obviously, thin skin or not, my attempt to be helpful with a suggestion wasn't viewed that way, so I will leave this forum--so there's no need to reply on my account. I'll never see it.


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++ Debugging ACR 3.x Installation Problems ++ =>


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