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Subject: Re: ++ Debugging ACR 3.x Installation Problems ++

The updates for Camera Raw are free. . .as long as you follow the instructions in the read me, there should be no problem installing Camera Raw updates. If you _DON'T_ read the read me or fail to follow the instructions, then Camera Raw won't be installed correctly.

I would suggest that there are a lot of people who fail to read the instructions and follow them.

And there is not one "patronizing or rude" post in this thread. . .go to the Photoshop Lounge if you want to read "patronizing or rude" posts. There are short answers, yes. . .but if you read the thread, all of the answers have been given in a civil manner. . .if you read "patronizing or rude" then you should have your skin checked for ETD
(exessive thinness disorder)



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++ Debugging ACR 3.x Installation Problems ++ =>


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